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Facebook harassment continues for family of girl killed in crash

Posted at 5:37 PM, Feb 16, 2018

Seven years ago, a Pasco County family was torn apart when an out of control driver ran down a group of girls, killing a 5-year-old triplet.

Now that family is being tormented all over again.

In the years since Delaney Rossman was killed, her surviving sisters have still managed to thrive.

“The girls are really good. They are 13 now; very active in the community, doing everything they can to be normal kids,” said mother Danielle Malm.

Malm says right after the crash, many well meaning people reached out offering support.

“It was wonderful. The condolences, and we appreciated everything that everybody had to say.

But one of them has crossed the line.

“She’s threatened the girls. She’s threatened us with death. She’s threatened my nieces.”

Under different Facebook profiles the person has sent disturbing messages to Danielle and her family.

One says “Delaney is DEAD. Hahahah.”

Another says “I’m going to harm your family.”

Other messages are just too vulgar to show.

“The main thing is she’s been fixated on the fact that Delaney died and Gabrielle lived.”

Danielle says the person even contacted the girl’s school trying to get more personal information. 

Blocking the harasser isn’t helping, because the person creates fake profiles posing as family.

They send friend requests to everyone on Malm’s list.

The family believes the person lives out of the country, but isn’t sure. 

“It gnaws at you. Where is this woman at? Why is she fixated on us today? Why won’t she just let it go?” she said.

Facebook says to report anyone whose behavior is abusive and change privacy settings.

Law enforcement can subpoena Facebook to try and track down someone making threats, but they admit, if the person is out of the country, there’s not much they can do.