Detectives search for out of town suspects targeting cars in Pasco County

Posted at 11:29 PM, Nov 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-16 05:52:13-05

Detectives say they have had a recent issue with thieves, traveling from other counties into Pasco County, to commit auto burglaries.

Sergeant Chris Thomas works out of District 3, which covers the Trinity area, and he said thieves are going around car hopping and taking advantage of people.

"It comes in pockets and so we have certain neighborhoods that people come in (and) prey upon good people," Sgt. Thomas said.

Sgt. Thomas said unfortunately many times people leave their cars unlocked.

"Once a neighborhood is preyed upon, maybe the next night or the next week they don't go back to that neighborhood. So they kinda choose different neighborhoods," Sgt. Thomas said. 

The Trinity area isn't the only area targeted by car hoppers. The Connerton Subdivision was hit too. Detectives said about 15 cars were broken into earlier this month and they also believe the suspects traveled from another county.

Sgt. Thomas said they have identified some suspects in some of their cases in the Trinity area, but they are still looking for several other suspects who may be tied to other cases.

Joan Levinson's car was broken into two weeks ago. She lives in Trinity.

"Everything that had been in my glovebox was on the front seat," Levinson said.

Levinson said she is always good about locking her car.

"I think they were looking for money and when they didn't find it than, you know, that was it," Levinson said.

According to Sgt. Thomas, some of the homes targeted by thieves in the Trinity area were along Kinsmere, Meadowview Place, and Marsha Drive.