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Customer surprises Pasco County server with $2,120 tip

Posted at 5:26 PM, Sep 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-21 18:06:07-04

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. — These days, you can't always see Whittney Sparks' big smile because of her mask. But her personality still comes through with every customer.

"She's always been such a bright spirit to everybody," said Alexis Fish.

Whittney, a mother of two, works at White Duck Espresso in New Port Richey, serving hot coffee and sweet treats. But it's her friendly way that caught Fish's attention.

"I went through a really rough patch back in February, and she was just always there to make me smile," said Fish.

Fish wanted to do some good during these dark times, so she spread the word to her 30,000 Instagram followers, collecting money to deliver a super tip.

"That's why you are here? Isn't it," Sparks said when she realized what was happening.

Fish surprised Whittney at work with a wad of cash.


The donations came from hundreds of people. Friends and strangers.

Someone in Australia even gave $200

The tip totaled $2,120.

"I was like 'no way' because you don't think it would happen to you just for being who you are," said Sparks.

"It felt incredible. It's overwhelming, and it's just so humbling to be able to bring together a community for a person that many people didn't know," said Fish.

Whittney says the money will go to paying bills.

It's also inspired her to do the same for others.

"It makes you want to do for people. If you had someone who really made your experience better, why not," said Sparks.

And Fish says the response makes her want to keep going.

"A lot of people have either lost their jobs or are behind on bills. And it's really great that people want to donate even a dollar to help somebody else," said Fish.

You can follow Fish to see who she surprises next on her Instagram (@lexx_vsg).