Crews recover cash, documents from Land O' Lakes sinkhole

Cleanup could be done by Monday
Posted at 6:21 PM, Aug 08, 2017

In the water and the muck workers are trying to clean up the mess caused by a massive sinkhole. But they are finding more than just garbage.

“Surprised is one word. Impressed is another word,” said Pasco County Assistant Administrator for Public Safety, Kevin Guthrie.

The finds include a ziploc bag filled with cash.

“One of the workers picked it up last night and turned it over to us last night, gave it to us this morning. Another thing that speaks to the integrity of the people we have working out there,” said Guthrie.

The displaced families told officials about some of the things they really needed back. They even drew a diagram to show them where those things were.

“Overnight they finally got enough of the home chipped away to where they could actually see clearly onto what was left of the foundation,” said Guthrie.

The recovery effort isn’t easy, with nothing to support that foundation. But crews improvised, even using poles to reach inside.

They found and brought out a file cabinet, a will, checkbooks, and even a computer that somehow still works. And along with the floating bag of cash, more money kept inside a freezer.

“Most of you guys have been out there with me over the last 25 days, and I just said there’s no possible way we are going to recover anything out of that house.”

There is still hope of recovering more items.

All the truck loads of debris are being taken to a landfill that residents will have a chance to sift through before it’s disposed of.