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1st case of confirmed monkeypox in Pasco County under investigation

Posted at 9:40 AM, Aug 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-02 09:40:16-04

PASCO COUNTY, Fla.  — The Florida Department of Health in Pasco County said it's investigating the county's first confirmed case of monkeypox.

DOH-Pasco said the case was identified Friday, July 29. The case is isolated, DOH-Pasco said, and officials are conducting epidemiological investigations to notify possible exposures.


DOH-Pasco said it's in communication with local acute care hospitals and medical providers in the county to share information, guidance and updates.

FDOH said the risk of monkeypox to the general public is generally low. It typically begins with flu-like symptoms like a fever, chills, headaches, tiredness and muscle aches. It also causes swelling of the lymph nodes and progresses to a rash on the face and body. The duration of illness is usually two to four weeks.

Transmission generally requires prolonged, face-to-face contact, direct contact with an active rash, or indirect contact with an active rash through contaminated items, such as contaminated clothing, FDOH said.

FDOH said vaccines used for smallpox have been shown to be effective in preventing monkeypox.

For people who become infected, are exposed to people diagnosed with monkeypox, or have a job that puts them at risk for monkeypox, FDOH said they should contact their health care provider. If you become infected, avoid contact with people and pets—stay isolated from others and animals as much as possible.

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Anyone concerned about any personal health issues should contact their health care provider. DOH-Pasco epidemiologists are available 24/7 and 365 days a year for consultation with health care providers.