Couple vies for Democratic delegate positions

Posted at 4:27 PM, Apr 25, 2016
Dr. Larry Floriani and his wife, Ellen, are hoping to be right in the middle of this year’s Democratic National Convention.
“It’s going to be quite a show. There’s going to be thousands and thousands of people there,” said Larry, a retired orthopedic surgeon.
To get to the convention, the Tarpon Springs couple has to win an election of their own. They are running to become delegates representing District 12, and they are supporters of Bernie Sanders.
“This has become more than a full time job in election years for us. We are very involved in local politics,” said Ellen.
Delegates are sometimes appointed by party leaders, but in this case it will be a good old fashion vote next week.
The Florianis are campaigning for the job based on years of involvement in local politics.
“When I hear people campaign to get involved, some of them do. You can make a difference. You can get people elected, and you can get them to listen to the issues that are important,” Ellen said.
The number of delegates for each district is based on the results of the presidential primary.
For district 12, Hillary Clinton supporters will elect two women and one man.
Those supporting Sanders will pick one woman and one man, for a total of five delegates.
Even though the Florianis have been working hard for Sanders, they missed his visit to Tampa last month when their pet Yorkie got sick.
“Sampson took priority over Bernie," Ellen said. "I had to save his life.”
Delegates have to pay their own way to the DNC in Philadelphia, which is scheduled for late July, but it’s a trip these two will be glad to make.