Local vet taking part in stem cell therapy study for dogs

This research will focus on dog arthritis
Posted at 4:10 PM, Feb 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-16 21:41:55-05

Cosby just doesn’t get around like he used to.

“We have six dogs and he’s always the one that’s the last to get up. The last to get out,” said his owner Brian Cirillo.

And for Cirillo, it’s sad to see.

“I hate it. Its always like he always on his tippy topes on his back legs. So it’s heartbreaking.”

But a new trial study that is about to start at the St. Francis Pet Care Center in Tarpon Springs, could be just what Cosby needs.

Veterinarian Mike Amsberry is offering stem cell therapy for dogs.

“They are seeing that its very, very safe. And very effective.”

This study is focused specifically on four-legged friends with arthritis.

But in the past he’s seen stem cell treatments work wonders for other ailments.

“It’s cells treating the body, rather than then some foreign substance. Some medication.”

In this trial, the stem cells come from umbilical cords of donor dogs.

Not only can qualified pets get the treatment for free, but owners are paid too.

Cosby seems like the perfect candidate.

“I think that’s where everything seems to be going with regard to medicine. So to be on the leading edge of that to potential help him without having to put him on a bunch of medicine is definitely a plus,” said Cirillo.

The hope is one day Cosby will be able to keep up with the rest.

And lead the way to help thousands of other dogs.

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