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Neighbors urge officials to install a stoplight at a Palm Harbor intersection

Posted at 7:02 PM, Dec 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-21 19:02:14-05

PALM HARBOR, FLA - County officials are conducting a study at a busy intersection after people complained there were too many crashes there.

According to Ken Jacobs, with Pinellas County Public Works, they have been studying the intersection for a few months because they were contacted by someone who requested a traffic signal at the intersection. The intersection is Belcher Road and Innisbrook Drive in Pinellas County.

Jacobs said they reviewed the intersection in the past, but did not notice any issues, until this year. He said in 2015 there were roughly 3 accidents at the intersection. The number of crashes dropped to two in 2016. But, this year it increased significantly to 11 crashes.

Jacobs called the 11 crashes correctible, meaning a stoplight could have prevented the crashes. He stresses -even if they install a stoplight at the intersection- it doesn’t mean it will eliminate crashes from happening there.

“I mean that’s our job if we see that there’s a problem {then} we want to go out and fix it,” Jacobs said.

According to Jacobs, their study could be completed by early 2018. At that time, they could have a few solutions to make the intersection safer or they may conduct more studies.

“That would be a great idea {to add a stoplight}. It would eliminate a lot of accidents and it will slow people down in this area,” Debra Tiberio said.

Tiberio drives through that intersection often. 

“A lot of accidents on this corner right here that I’ve noticed since I’ve lived here,” Tiberio said.

A resident started a petition online, demanding a stoplight at the intersection. Tiberio hadn’t seen the petition, but she agrees something needs to be done. To read the petition, click here.