Homeowners in Dunedin fight back against revitalization project planned for Main Street

Group hopes to 'preserve the vibe'
Posted at 6:04 PM, Feb 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-15 02:22:44-05
"Preserve the Vibe" is a group hoping to stop a proposed plaza on Main Street in Dunedin.
Harry Steinman said Dunedin’s downtown character is what drew him to the city.
“People come here to relax. They come here to chill. And they come here to escape their cares and the hubbub of their lives," he said.
Barbara Washburn added there’s nothing like it anywhere in Tampa Bay.
“I couldn’t resist I had to buy a house,” she said.
They are two people from the group fighting to stop a proposed plaza in what’s now a parking lot on Main Street.
“I think that will look very nice somewhere else,” said Steinman.
The plan, known as M&D Lofts, is a three-story, 20-thousand square foot building with retail on the first floor and condos above.
Wasburn’s background is in construction and design.
“One of the things we teach in design school is to be aware of the surroundings where you are putting your building. And not offend people or not try and out scale them and be sensitive to how it’s going to effect the community where you put it,” she said.
The local planning agency approved the development last month saying it meets codes and will help downtown revitalization. 
Now developers will make their case in front of the city commission Thursday.
But Preserve the Vibe will be there too hoping to hold on to what they love about this place.
“Fingers Crossed,” said Steinman.
Supporters of the project said it also bring in about $100,000 in property taxes which will help fund even more downtown improvements.