Lightning Strike victim meets heroes who saved him

Other victim's condition improving
Posted at 4:15 PM, Jul 22, 2016
Jansen Tabor doesn’t even know which of the heroes did what to help save his life.
“I’m not sure, I’m just thankful and grateful,” he said.
Tabor does remember trying to hurry off Sand Key Tuesday afternoon with his 15-year-old friend Cameron Poimboeuf as storms rolled in.
The rain got heavy. 
Then the next thing he knew, Tabor was waking up face down in the sand. 
“I remember smelling burnt hair,” he said.
He couldn’t move his legs.
“After that it was just kind of blurry.”
During that blur,  Cassandra Thomas, a pediatric nurse on vacation from Pennsylvania saw the lightning strike and didn’t hesitate. 
She ran to the boys and gave CPR to Cameron who suffered cardiac arrest.
“I don’t even have words. I just feel like it’s a dream. I’m gonna wake up. It was a nightmare but it’s becoming something so amazing. I’m just so happy every time I hear anything positive about him,” Thomas said.
Thomas, along with Illinois Police Officer Kirk Pattison and his wife Jenny all helped the boys until paramedics got there.
Friday, Clearwater Police honored the three with Good Samaritan Medals.
“It’s a wonderful feeling to know you’ve helped somebody.  And especially with a child, he’s going to get to live his life because you were there to help,” said Pattison.
Poimboeuf is still in the hospital, but back on his feet walking and talking again.
Doctors just upgraded his condition to fair.
Jansen has one more day of vacation before heading back to North Carolina with his family.
He’s got a story to tell about his first ever visit to Clearwater Beach.
“Will you come back?”
“I’d come back,” he said.