Children who have lost limbs get inspiration from Winter the Dolphin

Camp No Limits takes roadtrip to see Winter
Posted at 7:18 PM, Feb 17, 2017
Twenty-five amputee children, special guests at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, stopped by to see Winter the Dolphin.
They found despite being a completely different species, they have quite a bit in common with the dolphin.
It marks the fifth year Camp No Limits has visited the aquarium. The non-profit hosts annual camps to support children who have lost a limb.
They can relate to Winter, because the dolphin also is missing a limb. Winter lost her tail after it got stuck in a crab trap line.
Experts crafted a prosthetic that saved her life. Winter's story inspires her young visitors.
"You can just really do anything," said Katelyn Smith, a camper. "I mean she doesn’t have her tail, and she can still swim."
Mentor Pedro Pimenta, a quadriplegic, said agreed, saying that is the key lesson he wants his campers to take back home.
“The message here is inspiration, nothing is impossible," Pimenta said. "It gets them really pumped for the weekend. They leave here completely different, completely energized.”
Marine aquarium staffers also unveiled a new prosthetic tail for Winter.