Clearwater women get much earned makeover, celebrate second chances

Women get free makeovers after many hardships
Posted at 5:14 PM, Dec 23, 2016
A Tampa Bay community is giving women the gift of a makeover just in time for the holidays. Between the new hair color and makeup, these women are celebrating second chances.
Life’s been a bumpy road for the women inside this Metro Hair Salon in Clearwater. Now, they’re ready for a holiday transformation.
“Oh, yes. Pamper me!” said Kassandra Baylor in between laughs.
Early in life, she made a few mistakes that landed her behind bars.
“Everyone deserves a second chance," she said.
She also knows pain. Three of her children died when they were young. At 59 years old, she’s taking control through education, studying human services at St. Petersburg College. 
“I want to be something in life. I want to help people," she said.
Another sharing a similar story.
“You never know where your life is going to end up," said Candy Baker.
Baker found herself taking care of her four grandchildren as a high school dropout, until they inspired her to get her G.E.D and now a college degree.
“I was very blessed and excited," she said.
These women, so accustomed to putting themselves last, are touched to see the community giving back. The salon in partnership with St. Pete College picked four women to get this makeover
“But I’m Candy, I’m a woman. I’m an individual and to see someone see that and want to empower that it’s amazing," said Baker.
It's a transformation from the inside out through education and community empowerment. These women say now is the perfect time for anyone to reflect and grow.