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Travel experts share tips to save on summer vacations

Travel experts share tips to save on summer vacations
Posted at 3:04 PM, May 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-26 18:21:56-04

TAMPA, Fla. — The soaring cost of inflation is hitting all areas of our lives. Combine that with the high demand to get away, and people will certainly see an impact on any trips lined up this summer, but experts say there are ways to help save.

It’s no surprise people are ready for the perfect summer getaway.

“This is actually my second trip this year,” Jelene Wynn said.

Wynn just wrapped up a vacation in Tampa, but inflation she said does affect some of her planning for future trips.

“One of them like I’m looking at maybe driving versus flying, and then it’s four of us going to be in the car, so we can kind of split that difference, and I think it’s going to help that to come out a little bit cheaper,” Wynn said.

AAA reports while inflation is driving up costs, that doesn’t mean people are canceling their trips. Instead, it says many are making adjustments to offset the added expense, from staying in more affordable accommodations, choosing more affordable destinations, planning further ahead, and taking road trips instead of flying.

Though for people hitting the road, gas prices are still something to keep an eye on.

“In many cases, people are going to budget more on gasoline and maybe expect to spend a little less on the type of hotel they stay in and how much they spend on shopping and dining out,” AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins said.

To fight those higher gas prices, AAA has a few suggestions: enroll in savings programs, get a tune up on your car, and use apps to find the lowest gas prices in your area. AAA’s gas cost calculator may also be a useful tool to help figure out anticipated fuel costs for a trip.

If you are flying for your next vacation, experts explained when it comes to airfare this summer, timing is everything.

“Expedia data revealed that August is actually the cheapest month to travel this summer," Expedia spokesperson Christie Hudson said. "On average, airfare prices are about 10 percent cheaper than they are in June and about five percent cheaper than they are in July. So, if you’re looking to save a little bit, consider traveling especially during the last half of August when some people, especially in the south, have kind of gone back to school and the summer travel window is winding down.”

Loyalty programs are an easy way to rack up points toward rewards. Hudson said if you’re looking to save money, avoid traveling over the holiday and also look at when you’re departing.

“A lot of people want to travel Friday, Saturday, Sunday during the summer, and as a result, Friday’s are the most expensive day to buy tickets to travel during, so Tuesday is the cheapest day of the week, so if you can shift your trip to earlier in the week, travel midweek when you can, that’s going to save you a few dollars on your trip,” she said.

Despite inflation sending costs sky high, families are still finding ways to make it work to have a memorable vacation.

“It weighs in on everyday life, but I think when it came to the vacation, we were willing to splurge this time around,” TPA passenger Sydney Smelko said.