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Tampa nurse wants to thank woman that paid for her groceries at Publix

Posted at 6:47 AM, Jun 03, 2020

TAMPA, Fla. — A nurse at Tampa General Hospital is looking to thank the woman who paid for her groceries.

Paloma Peña stopped by Publix on her way to work last week wearing her scrubs.

“I stopped to pick up a cake and while I was there I decided to pick up more groceries that I needed,” said Peña.

As she waited to check out, a woman approached her and asked Peña if she was a nurse.

When Peña said yes, the woman offered to buy her groceries.

“I said no that’s okay I have a cart full of items. Then the woman said, ‘No I’m going to get it anyway,’” explained Peña.

The woman ended up spending nearly $200.

“I stood there just surprised that someone would even offer that and I think I was able to stutter out a thank you at least but my eyes were watering I didn’t know what to say.”

Peña says she wishes she could’ve thanked the woman more and says she’s grateful she made her feel so appreciated.

“It shows us that we’re appreciated. it’s nice to feel appreciated. We don’t do what we do for it but when people show us that gratitude it really means a lot,” said Peña.