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Tampa Airbnb looks a lot like the set of 'Friends'

Posted at 6:27 PM, Apr 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-15 18:27:27-04

Florida is one of the most sought after destinations for families looking for short-term rentals, according to data released by Airbnb.

With so much profit to be made in that industry, many short-term rental hosts are trying to stand out to renters.

The purple walls atone local spot may bring back lots of memories for fans of the 90's hit series Friends.

“In the freezer, we actually have a copy of The Shining just like in the actual T.V. show," super host Frank Albert said.

Could this place BE any more nostalgic?

“We did a photo wall of all the different colored umbrellas to bring out the intro theme where they’re all out on the couch carrying the umbrellas in the rain by the fountain," Albert added.

Albert said he hopes the Central Perk reminders and references will be there for you beyond a night.

“I definitely want it to be a trip down memory lane for all friends fans when they come and stay here and to be able to walk around and take pictures of everything and yeah, kind of relive their childhood or even adulthood," Albert said.

According to Airbnb, income of typical Airbnb hosts in 2021 was up 85% compared to 2019 while Florida was the number two state in the U.S. for new host income.

Those kind of numbers make spending so much time on the details seem very much worth it.

“This has Rachel’s meat trifle which is the one where... she accidentally got two recipes combined and mixed up and she put beef in the trifle," Albert said “Just being able to put a roof over someone's head gives me joy but to be able to put a theme and a memory behind it as well, I think that that means a lot to people," Albert added.

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