Rain! Here's some tips before you lay down sod for your grass

Posted at 5:09 PM, Jun 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 17:09:20-04

If Florida's drought has pushed back your lawn care, then with the afternoon rainy season upon us, now may be a quick chance to lay your sod. 

However, that comes with an extra step to keep the grass healthy. 

Charlie's Re-Sod company has had the phones ringing for lawn care, now that customers know that the rain will act as a sprinkler system.

"That's just fine," said owner Charlie Fernandez, "the sod is extra moist so it can go a day or two without water."

Fernandez uses a special farm fresh quality sod that is delivered daily, however, that's not on everyone's budget. 

A few tips he goes by: first get rid all of the dead weeds and grass to start.

Next, when you lay your sod, depending on the type -- the key step is you will likely need an anti fungus treatment because of the warm temperatures and the rain.

If you're on a budget, he suggests buying one pallet of sod at a time. 

Once your sod is laid, don't cut the grass for 30 days.

You may need a resod expert to help develop a plan for your yard.

Water restrictions remain in effect until August first: this includes the ability to water your lawn only once a week.

See here for more details: Modified Phase III water restrictions.