Quilters in Tampa honor veterans with special quilts of valor

Thousands of quilts handed out
Posted at 5:27 PM, May 28, 2018

TAMPA — Pat Williams is what you call a prolific quilter. She can churn out two detailed creations each month.

“And a house can’t handle that. There’s only so much storage,” she said.

But she’s found the perfect outlet in the back room of Happy Apple Quilts in Westchase.

“The skill is picking the fabrics and the color and the design,” she said.

Pat is one of about 20 people quilting their hearts out for the local chapter of Quilts of Valor.

“A quilt is such a special thing. First of all because they are always made with love, no matter who the recipient is,” said Williams.

A mom in Delaware started Quilts of Valor 15 years ago as a way to welcome her son back from Iraq.

It’s taken off from there with about 187,000 quilts going to men and women of every branch.

“If it wasn’t for our veterans, we may not be here,” said volunteer Marcia Satinoff.

Happy Apple gives the quilters the space, use of machines, and some materials.

But other donations are always appreciated.

There’s about a year long waiting list for veterans to get one of these quilts.

“It’s just a physical hug. They are just cozy. Everything about them is inviting. I can’t think of a negative thing about a quilt,” said Williams.

There is no quit in these quilters.

The ladies have churned out at least 200 quilts for our veterans.

“We love what we are doing and think what we are doing is so important,” said Satinoff.

For more information on the program, click here.