Pirates invading Tampa Bay for Gasparilla, unwelcome porch pirates already making themselves at home

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Porch pirate steals $700 package
Posted at 4:28 PM, Jan 25, 2017

Pirates will soon take over Tampa for Gasparilla but you know which ones aren't invited or wanted in the Bay? Porch pirates.

Christina Signore wasn't at her Covington Garden Drive home in Hillsborough County. But her newly installed security system sent her an alert telling her motion was being detected at her front door.

"I was in shock," said Signore.

She pulled up the live feed from her phone and saw the scene play out. A stranger stealing her package. Inside, $700 worth of clothing and electronics.

"I never thought it would happen to me living in a great neighborhood," she said.

Nonetheless, she was prepared. After numerous neighbors reported seeing suspicious behavior.

"I was actually a minute from my house, pulling in to my subdivision when it happened. I drove as fast as I could," she explained.

But by the time she pulled up to her drive way he was already gone. The brazen attack was unexpected.

"So the holiday season has already passed and you would think this would be done but it's not," she warned, "It's out there."

She's advising everyone, don't lower your guard and wants the crook to know:

"It's terrible what you did, you have made me feel violated," she said.

Despite the thief's quick and sneaky ways he didn't see the camera catching him in the act from beginning to end. Now, the full surveillance footage is in the hands of the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office as evidence.

Signore believes a camera won't stop a crime but will make it more likely to catch the person behind it. She's encouraging her neighbors to get one of their own.

"You know what's going on at all hours of the night and even when you are not home" she said, "It Gives you that extra layer of protection and it's very sad that you have to live like that."

The thief could be feeling the same if caught. There's a grand theft investigation. Meaning a possible 5-year sentence and a felony on their record.