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FDOT to present city council with proposed safety changes to Busch Boulevard

Posted at 8:11 AM, Dec 05, 2019

An FDOT representative will attend Thursday morning's city council meeting with a presentation on proposed safety changes at Busch Boulevard.

Councilman Luis Viera invited FDOT to speak after a car crashed into Mel's Hot Dogs at the end of October. The owner says that's the second time a car has careened into his business. He went on to say people are going 10 or even 20 above the posted 45 mph speed limit.

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ABC Action News took a look at the presentation posted within the city council agenda. According to the data, speeding is a problem on Busch. Between May and September, Hillsborough County deputies issued 302 speed warnings. They also gave out 49 tickets for speeding and other infractions.

In the next two years, FDOT is proposing adding speed feedback signs. Those are the speed limit signs with the digital board at the bottom that clock how fast you're going.

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In the next three to five years, FDOT wants to install high-intensity activated crosswalk beacons, also known as HAWK, at four intersections of Busch. These would go in at 12th street, Brooks Street, Pawnee Avenue, and Overlook Drive. FDOT cited a similar project on Hillsborough where they saw a significant decrease of crashes.

There was an average of 20 crashes a year between 2010 and 2015. When they installed the HAWKs in the fall of 2015, they had seven crashes the following year.

In this time, they'd also like to program the lights for shorter cycles which could slow down speeders.

On West Busch Boulevard, the speed limit could drop to 35 mph, but on East Busch Boulevard, they only want to decrease the speed limit by 5 mph. But that small change could eliminate about 13 crashes a year.