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Experts offer tips to make face masks after new CDC recommendation

Posted at 8:01 PM, Apr 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-05 19:19:46-04

TAMPA, Fla. — When you head out the door to get your groceries, top health officials want you to cover up.

The CDC released new recommendations asking people to wear cloth masks in public where social distancing could be difficult. New evidence shows people with COVID-19 might not show symptoms, yet can still infect others.


“Basically I just sew 24 hours a day,” said Nichole Medero.

Medero volunteers with Mask Project Tampa Bay, a group making masks for healthcare workers. She’s made 200 to 300 masks so far.

To sew your own mask, Medero says print out a template online, then cut out four pieces of fabric.

“We’re going to put the pretty sides together and sew down the long end here,” said Medero.

That will then give you two separate fabric parts. Medero says put the two together with the seams facing out.

"Once we’ve sewn the entire thing around, we’re going to flip it out, and it’ll look like this,” said Medero.

If you can’t find elastic, Medero says to add fabric straps.

If you’re not crafty, US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams found a way to make a makeshift face cover out of a t-shirt. You’ll need to fold the fabric twice from the top and bottom and grab two rubber bands.

“Then you fold either side to the middle, and you have yourself a cloth face covering,” said Dr. Adams.

Masks will need to be washed regularly. If you decide to wear disposable gloves, doctors say there is a right way to take them off.

"It’s easy to make sure that you get everything inside the glove by pulling the glove off, taking the other glove and removing it over the other glove you just took off,” said Dr. Bob Wallace.

Once you remove the glove, make sure to wash your hands.

The CDC says save the N95 and surgical masks for healthcare workers.

The CDC also does not want you to stop social distancing, reminding people to stay six feet apart to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

Here is the Department of Defense's guidelines on wearing cloth face coverings:

DOD Guidance on the Use of Cloth Face Coverings by wftsweb on Scribd