Dangerous Ruskin intersection finally becoming a four-way stop

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Posted at 6:37 PM, Feb 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-13 18:37:33-05

If the "squeaky wheel" gets the grease, then the intersection of Shell Point and 24th is deep fried in frustration.

"What kind of a moron would design an intersection like this," yells one midday driver.

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"I think it's a pain in the ---," says another.

Evidence of accidents litter the curbside at 24th Street and Shell Point Road. A headlight, a turn signal, a license plate holder and other pieces of crashes left behind, but finally solutions will be coming along. County work crews are turning the two-way stop into a four way stop.

For the drivers who pass through the area, the sound of men at work will be music to their ears.

But the four-way stop only came about after ABC Action News started asking questions about why the busy new intersection was created as a two-way stop to begin with.

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All the while, the accidents piled up, 4 since last August, not counting the near misses that happen every day.

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Drivers say they won't stop "greasing the wheel" until there's a traffic light here.

But the Hillsborough County Public Works Department tells us there are no plans to put a traffic light at Shell point and 24th because current traffic volume does not meet the state requirement.