County officials concerned about flooding near Alafia River, some roads may close

Posted at 5:13 PM, May 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-21 19:14:41-04

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLA - The Public Works department is placing signs along five roads that either have flooding or are anticipated to flood overnight.

The list of those roads are as follows: Lithia Pinecrest Road at Rose St./Williams Blvd., Adelaide Avenue at Spring Road, Adelaide Avenue at Hill Drive, Lithia Pinecrest Road at River Drive, and Lithia Pinecrest Road at Coconut Cove Place. 

Neighbors and park rangers prepare for potential Alafia River flooding

County officials said by Tuesday at 2 a.m. the Alafia River will be at 14 feet. Officials said the water will more than likely get onto peoples yards, but not into their homes. They urge people who live near the Alafia River, to prepare. Officials are monitoring the Little Manatee River too.

“Yeah there are a lot of perks (living by the river). There (are) some big drawbacks when it floods, but it only floods a couple times a year,” Ann Klingensmith said.

Klingensmith lives near River Drive. Part of her backyard flooded.

“We moved the kayaks to the front so that (if) we have to park at the end of the street, we can paddle back and forth to go to the grocery store and things like that,” Klingensmith said.

She said this flooding does not compare to the flooding that happened during Hurricane Irma.

“If we see it’s going to start getting higher, we’re going to move stuff from our bottom floor to our top floor and then we just get our canoes and kayaks out,” Zachary Cale said.

Cale noticed too many people driving trucks down River Drive, creating waves. He hopes people will stop doing that. 

“Not go down there, if they don’t have to,” Cale said.