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Carrollwood community sees business growth during pandemic thanks to community support

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Posted at 7:25 AM, Jun 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-24 07:56:05-04

CARROLLWOOD, Fla. — “Shop local, support local, bring awareness,” said Jennifer Jenkins, President of the Carrollwood Area Business Association and Owner & Founder of Rooted Holistic Health Coaching.

That’s the message Carrollwood businesses have for the community.

“A lot of commuters, a lot of families as well. So it’s a great area,” said Jay Patel, SoFresh Franchise Partner.

“The amazing thing is Carrollwood has been an area that’s been identified by a lot of businesses and a lot of corporations because we are greatly the target market and we look a lot like the rest of America,” said Kelly Stuart Williams, Owner & Director of Pegasos Public Relations.

Jenkins says there are many reasons so many people have decided to open up shop in the area.

“This is a highly desirable area for the simple fact that everything is at our convenience,” said Jenkins.

“We’re really lucky. We get a lot of upstart restaurants and new businesses,” said Stuart Williams.

Carrollwood has experienced significant growth recently, with many businesses opening either right before or during the pandemic.

“We’re very blessed here. We have a fantastic community that really comes together in a time of need. I think you can feel and sense the heart of Carrollwood and I think that’s what makes it extra special,” said Jenkins.

Specifically, multiple health-related businesses have opened their doors over the past few months.

“We’ve just kind of created this community of awareness because I think what we’ve recognized over this past year just how precious our health is,” said Jenkins.

“We’re just super excited to be here in Carrollwood,” said John Williams, SoFresh Founder and Vice President of Operations.

SoFresh recently opened up there.

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“We just felt a lot of these neighborhoods were underserved with good quality, fresh, foods so that’s why we’re here,” said Williams.

“The turnout in the community has been great,” said Patel.

The neighborhood support during the pandemic has been key to recent growth and success.

“The support we’ve had through COVID and people still coming and picking up their food instead of dining in. It’s been a unique experience… I think we’ve made it easy for customers to kind of still come in and get their food. They’ve been great,” said Williams.

Jenkins says the way the community helps businesses stay afloat in Carrollwood is attracting more people to open shop there.

“Some of the most difficult times that we all have faced as business owners over the past year, by people coming together we’ve actually seen businesses grow, drastically,” said Jenkins.

She says if they stay on-trend, the success will only continue.

“If we can make it through our toughest times, the toughest year we’ve ever had, and come out in a better position, I think that just sets the bar…. I think the stronger the community comes together, and that’s what drives our local businesses, right? It all starts from the community,” said Jenkins.