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Brag Book: Reddick Elementary students shine

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Posted at 5:06 AM, May 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-06 07:52:43-04

WIMAUMA, Fla. — Dr. Jennifer Dames, principal at Reddick Elementary is so proud of her students that she sent picture after picture of kids to showcase.

"It was so hard to choose who to spotlight this morning because Reddick Elementary School is chock full of amazing students," Dr. Dames said.

First graders, Elizabeth Ortiz and Dakota Ludington won second place at a hip-hop dance competition a few weeks ago.

Fourth-grader Annabelle Allocco just placed fifth at a national dance competition and won a scholarship to attend the National Dance Revolution Convention.

Raelynne Benton, a VPK student, is already ahead of her class. Her teacher Miss Alexa said she routinely sets the bar high.

Music teacher Mrs. Opperman said three superstars — London Bail, Isabel Lopez-Gomez, and Zamya Parker — participated in this year's Hillsborough County Fine Arts Festival. They were three of 22 ringers selected as members of the honors handbell choir.

Third-grader Emily Zuniga is scoring wins, both on and off the soccer field. She's in the dual language program at Reddick, learning both English and Spanish with native fluency. Her mom is so proud.

"She's like, so smart. So I mean, not just because she's my daughter but she's smart. And she's like, really follow the rules and I mean, for me, she's an amazing kid," Rosario Zuniga said.

"Reddick Elementary is just like this hidden gem in the southern part of the county," Dr. Dames said.

She continued, "Reddick Elementary school has some amazing teachers. We've taken our students in. We take them where they are and we provide them the type of instruction that they need just to soar to the top. We've seen so many amazing improvements this year in learning."