Kids safe, parents arrested after Amber Alert success

Georgia State Patrolman spots SUV
Posted at 5:23 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-19 17:23:18-04

Two Citrus County children are on the way back to Florida after a frantic search that ended near the Tennessee-Georgia border.

Authorities issued an Amber Alert Sunday night and Monday morning the kids were found by the Georgia State Patrol.

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They were spotted during a traffic stop in North Georgia, near Chattanooga.

A Georgia State Patrol officer spotted the White Ford Expedition, mentioned in the Amber Alert, near a welcome center.

The SUV was heading north on I-75 and inside the patrolmen found those young children, ages three and one.

Both are ok.

Authorities were looking for the kids since Saturday, when they said their mother Stacey Williams burst into the home of the children’s legal guardian in Lecanto, hit her and took the kids away.

Williams was traveling with the children’s father, Ryan Williams.

Investigators said they have a volatile relationship and both are drug users.

“Scary thing that happened. But obviously something that ended on a good note and we were able to get the kids safe and sound which is awesome,” said Citrus County Sheriff’s office Captain Brad Smith.

Initial information had the couple heading to West Virginia.

But investigators are still looking into what they ultimately planned to do with the children.