Homeowner looking for help after landscaping gets trashed

No charges filed despite destruction
Posted at 5:40 PM, Jun 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-30 01:46:39-04
Talking to us by phone from Massachusetts, Henry Kilty is still frustrated about what happened at his Spring Hill home.
“It’s like a thief in the night,” he said.
In May of last year, while Kilty was up north, he said his neighbor, George Carr, came at least 10 feet across the property line.
Kitty claims Carr did construction work between the homes, cutting down trees, removing earth, and destroying shrubs and drainage pipes. 
Kilty estimates at least $9,000 worth of damage.
“He came on to my property, I’m not even there. He does what he wants, and that’s a criminal offense. You can’t just go on to someone's property, and cut trees and remove the earth,” Kilty said.
Kilty said Carr tore things up to improve his own property. He said Carr promised to fix things, but never did.
The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office investigated, but ultimately the State Attorney’s Office didn’t file charges because it felt there was no proof the damage was done “willfully and maliciously.”
This is not the first time we told you about George Carr. 
Deputies arrested him two weeks ago on grand theft charges.
Investigators said Carr, the owner of Georgie’s Flooring Outlet, ripped off nearly 50 customers who paid for work that was never done.
Just before his arrest, Carr told ABC Action News his business ran into financial trouble after a disgruntled customer trashed him on social media.
Kilty just wants his property fixed and didn’t even know about Carr’s other legal troubles.
“It was only when it came out in the news that I realized this guy is really a crook,” he said.
To protect yourself, an official with the Hernando County zoning department said get a hold of a survey if you have a question over where your property line ends.
With the criminal case dropped, it looks like Kilty’s only recourse is suing his neighbor in civil court.
“I’d like to see him pay for what he’s done,” he said.
Meanwhile, Carr is still in jail on those grand theft charges related to his now closed flooring company.