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Hernando Co. landlords getting away with unhealthy living conditions for tenants

No answers for moldy apartment renters
Posted at 6:09 PM, Dec 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-12 18:09:41-05

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. — Last week we spoke with Rasheema Jeffreys about her mold covered apartment and how her landlord would do nothing to fix it

By the time she contacted us, she had reached out to multiple agencies trying to get help and found no answers. In the meantime, the mold had gotten worse. 

"Its a health hazard and no one’s listening. Not even the health department. They told me they can’t do anything because they have no mold remedial in Hernando County," Jeffreys said. 

Since Jeffrey's story aired, we’ve had several renters reach out to us who are living with the same issues.

So we began reaching out to offices, including the Health Department, who also told us they don’t deal with mold. 

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation told us they don’t deal with apartments under five units.

Code Enforcement told us they don’t handle this kind of mold situation.

The Department of Agriculture who deals with tenant-landlord issues provided some tips.

They say the tenant should notify the landlord in writing, by hand delivery or mail of the non-compliance with Florida law for housing standards. If nothing happens the tenant should call the Department of Agriculture and they can provide mediation between the tenant and landlord.

But for most renters, having the funds to move out so quickly isn’t an option.

We put out calls to county commissioners and Hernando County government officials about why landlords don't have to take responsibility and we will continue to press this issue until we’re able to find solutions. 

Luckily Jeffrey's was able to find help from local organizations who are helping her move into a new apartment.