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Brag book: Siblings compete in Citrus County speech competition

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Posted at 6:10 AM, Mar 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-11 08:29:52-05

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. — Siblings in Citrus County both competed in the Tropicana Speech Competition, and it isn't their first time.

ABC Action News Anchor Dieah Riley caught up with 12-year-old Lola and 11-year-old Kiki Blanco just before the superstar siblings competed in the competition.

They both advanced to the county-wide competition after placing first in the preliminary competition.

Lola won at Lecanto Middle School earlier this month and the very next day, Kiki competed at Lecanto Primary School and won.

"What's in your genes? What is it that makes you guys such great speakers?" Riley asked.

"So I've been in theater since I was five years old," explained Kiki.

"I suppose since we're Cuban, we love talking," Lola added. "Yeah, I like to talk. Yeah, so we love talking," explain the siblings.

"Alright, so my speech is about Cuban superstitions," says Lola.

And Kiki's is about the Bermuda Triangle.

"Ma'am, don't put your purse on the floor. Don't you know, if anyone puts their purse on the floor, they'll lose all their dinero, their money? Well, according to Cuban superstitions that is," said Lola.

"What is the Bermuda Triangle you ask? The Bermuda Triangle is near the Atlantic Ocean shaped like a triangle. Also, it has numerous unexplained disappearances but there are theories to explain those disappearances," explained Kiki.

There's a lot of talent in this family.

"Last year, they both won as well and they had to go against each other because they were both in the primary school. She won first and moved on, and he earned third. So coming into this year, we already knew the competition was going to be very tough. But they are both very theatrical, as you said, and I knew that they would be in the top. So we were not very surprised," explained their mom.