Pam Bondi answers questions about Donald Trump's donation to her campaign

Pam Bondi: "Nothing improper happened"
Posted at 6:32 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 09:49:17-04

Pam Bondi was on the defensive Tuesday in Tallahassee.

"I am a career prosecutor and I am proud of my career," she said before the cameras outside her office.

Bondi's impassioned press conference comes months after "pay to play" questions were first raised and after the scandal blew up in the national media.

"I will never let any money from anyone affect what i do," she said.

At issue: Whether Donald Trump's $25 thousand donation to Bondi's campaign influenced her decision not to investigate fraud allegations against Trump University.

"There was nothing improper about it so there was no reason to return it," she says.

Bondi says her office did not investigate Trump University because there was only one complaint from one citizen in Florida. But she also admits she has a comfortable relationship with Donald Trump and his family.

"I've been friends with him , i respect him , i know his daughter ... I'm sure i was making multiple phone calls to family and friends campaigning just like every person i this office." she says.

Former University of Tampa political professor Scott Paine says no one should be surprised when it comes to money and political fund raising.

"That influence is part of he this a good thing? No it's part of the problem, but it's also very common," he says.

We got this statement from the Florida Democratic Party:

It reads in part..."Pam Bondi's attempt to provide answers about bribery allegations only served to raise more questions. "

The Florida Democractic Party Chair Allison Tant said quote... "she's gotten caught lying so many times that it's amazing she can say with a straight face that there was 'nothing improper' about trump's illegal donation."

We also pulled records on Bondi's campaign contributions from 20-13 and we found Donald Trump personally gave 500 dollars to her campaign "two months" before his foundation wrote her re-election committee a 25-thousand dollar check.

 Asked if her credibility is shot,  Bondi responded quote, "i hope not."