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Amendment 10 bundles four different issues

Posted at 4:26 PM, Oct 24, 2018

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — The part of Amendment 10 getting the most attention ensures voters will be able to elect all constitutional officers in each county.

“Like the property appraisers, clerk of the circuit court, sheriffs and so forth," said Susan Sroka with the Florida League of Women Voters.

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Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco, who already is an elected official, says he supports Amendment 10 so every Florida county has the same system.

“We are held accountable every four years and giving citizens that power is absolutely something they should have and continue to have in the future," said Nocco.

But opponents of Amendment 10, like the Florida League of Women Voters, say it actually takes power away from voters, keeping them from approving charter governments in their own counties.

“We feel home rule is important and home rule should be maintained," said Sroka.

But Sheriff Nocco says just look at Pasco County for a prime example of why voting for constitutional offices works.

“If you go into our Tax Collector, Mike Fasano’s office to get our drivers license, your wait times are extremely low, and your customer service is through the roof.”

Amendment 10 also changes when the state legislature meets in election years from March to January. 

And it will create a permanent Department of Veteran’s Affairs and an office of counter-terrorism. 

Opponents say both of those departments already exist in various forms and attaching them to this amendment is just a decoy.