Biden holds big lead in Florida with one week until Primary, poll says

Joe Biden
Posted at 9:49 AM, Mar 10, 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden is still riding his Super Tuesday surge according to a new poll from Florida Atlantic University.

In Florida, Biden leads Senator Bernie Sanders by a margin of 36% with just one week to go before the Florida Presidential Preference Primary.

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Here are the poll results:

Joe Biden: 61%
Bernie Sanders: 25%
Undecided: 10%
Tulsi Gabbard: 3%

According to FAU, Sanders leads with voters 18-29 years old 35% to 15%. However when you look at older voters, which make up much of Florida, Biden received at least 71% of the vote for the voting block over 50 years old.

The poll also asked voters how they would cast their ballot in a general election.

President Donald Trump beat Sanders 53% to 47% in that poll, and Trump beat Biden by a slimmer margin of 51% to 49%.

The most important issue for Florida voters is healthcare at 26%, followed by the economy at 23%, the poll said. The environment and immigration were tied for third at 11%.

Those surveyed in the general election question were almost evenly split in political party affiliation.

To see the full poll results, click here.