New evidence that Gun Theft is Running Rampant in Florid

Biggest Problem Deputies Say: Gun Thefts from Cars
Posted at 5:17 PM, Jul 26, 2017

New evidence suggests that gun theft is running rampant in Florida.

Gun pirates in Tampa Bay are becoming more brazen, from the common smash and grab to a pick up truck barreling right through the front door.
But new numbers prove that while gun store break-ins capture the headlines, it's actually gun thefts from "individuals" that are putting more guns out on the streets.
"We've seen a rash of burglaries and smash and grabs at gun stores, and we know those guns are going to get out on the streets and into the wrong hands," said a representative from Hillsborough County.
"They'll go in and steal 30, 40, 50 guns," he said.
And now a new report from the Center for American Progress-- based on FBI and ATF data-- provides new insight into Florida's gun theft problem.
It estimates 80,000 guns were stolen from individual gun owners between 2012 and 2015. That equals 55 stolen guns a day in the sunshine state. or one every 26 minutes.
And most of the time deputies say thieves are stealing guns right from cars, going car to car, trying to pop the lock until they hit jackpot: an unlocked door with a gun inside.
And these days gun pirates can dump their loot on the dark web.
Sites like "The Armory" are the so-called "Walmart of Weaponry."
It's the biggest  "online black market"  for guns that requires a minimum buy of $1,000 and sells everything from bullets to bombs.
If you own a gun, take it out of the car and at the very least lock your doors.