Neighbors frustrated over streetlights not working in Ybor City community

Posted at 7:06 PM, Dec 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-05 19:06:29-05

TAMPA, FLA - People in one Ybor City neighborhood said they are frustrated because some of their streetlights do not work, possibly making their neighborhood a target.

Those neighbors expressed to ABC Action News they want changes, especially after Tampa Police Officers said an armed burglary happened near an alley next to their homes on Thanksgiving night.

The Tampa Police Department shared surveillance video of part of the confrontation with one of the homeowners and that suspected burglar who was armed; they said they are looking for a black sedan and have not caught the suspected burglar.

“I think one of the biggest things is we would like a little bit more light around here so the cameras will be able to catch things a little bit better ‘cause our spotlights don’t work well -actually they don’t work at all. So, if we could have a little bit more light, it would help us out a lot,” Bryan Garrison said.

Garrison spoke to ABC Action News about his concerns over the weekend. The streetlight across from his home on North 17th Street is one of the streetlights that does not work.

“Several of us have contacted the city about the lights and we haven’t had anybody to come out yet, but hopefully (with) something like this happening, unfortunately, they’ll come out and start doing something about it,” Garrison said.

City officials told ABC Action News they do not have a record of any reported complaints. ABC Action News checked with TECO, as well, to determine if they have received complaints. A TECO official said they are looking into the concerns, adding they are partners in the community and in keeping our streets safe.

“I know for me I have a light right in front of my house, but as you go down the street, you can see that the lights are very sporadic and it’s just really dim at night,” Carmen Brantley said Wednesday afternoon.

TECO officials said they maintain about 200,000 streetlights and want you to contact them or fill out a form online to report a streetlight that is out or malfunctioning. To fill out that form, click here.

“It’s dark here and dark down there. I think because this one light comes on -even though it is dim- it does give me a little bit of light, but not enough,” Brantley said.