Florida 5th grader stands up to school bus bullies

Lack of punishment questioned
Posted at 6:44 PM, Sep 29, 2017

Sicily Jordan used to like riding the bus to and from Chester W. Taylor Elementary School.

“After school it got me a break and to hang out with my friends. But it changed now,” the fifth grader said. 

That’s because she says constant bullying involving three boys has been going on since the beginning of the school year.

She said they first directed bullying at younger kids. But when she tried to stand up for them, the verbal abuse came her way.

“One kid jumped in her face, yelling at her. They called her awful names,” said Sicily's mother, Danielle Cauzzort.

Sicily said instead of helping, the driver first ignored the situation. Then eventually moved her to sit alone at the back of the bus.

Sicily’s mom said no one was disciplined. Not the kids and not the driver.

“It’s disgusting. No child should ever be bullied. It should be a safe place for them to go, to learn. Make friends. It should be somewhere they go to learn conflict resolution,” said Cauzzort.

The Pasco School District said they followed policy for a first offense involving the alleged bullies. They met with them and aren’t aware of any on-going issues.

Meanwhile, Sicily will be back on the bus Monday, ready to stand up for her fellow students if she needs to.

“Even if I don’t know them I still want to stand up for them 'cause I feel like they can’t stand up for themselves,” Sicily said. 

As for the bus driver, the school district said they are investigating how he handled this and he’s already had a conference with his supervisor.