'RepHypeHouse' | Pasco County teen's TikTok account on politics gains massive following

Posted at 6:12 PM, May 15, 2020

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. -- Like so many teenagers, Aubrey Moore uses TikTok every day.

But she’s turned the often silly app into a go-to place for politics.

“I decided it would be cool if I made my own TikTok account to express my own political ideologies just like everyone else was.”

Aubrey, whose dad is a Pasco County Commissioner, started “The Republican Hype House” and in a matter of months, the page has more than 500,000 followers and 16 million likes.

You’ll find the usual short skits and lip synching videos, but with a political slant.

“I would like to see it hit the millions and help me get more opportunities to speak out and debate a little bit more.”

The Democrats are covered on TikTok too.

Nevan Hanford from Arizona is a member of “the Leftist” page.

“A lot of people become disengaged from politics because it’s so complex, but through TikTok you can find easy ways to educate yourself.”

And in a time where it can get very ugly between people with different political views, these teens are showing the way.

The groups do video duets and teamed up for a live stream to raise money for coronavirus relief.

“There is such a stereotype of the right hates the left and the left hates the right. And I think if we break that especially with these upcoming generations we may have some more peaceful elections.”

“We are all people when it comes down to it and it’s important if we want to make change in this country you need to talk with the other side. You need to befriend the other side.”

Most of the teens on these pages won’t be able to vote in this year’s Presidential election.

But they are future. And are ready to be heard.