Woman whose husband and son were injured at the TECO power plant speaks out

Posted at 11:37 PM, Jul 06, 2017

Gaffin Industrial Services and the community raised $20,000 Thursday night for the families of 3 men, who were doing routine maintenance work, when hot molten slag spilled on them.

Last Thursday, a total of 6 men were injured. TECO Employee Michael McCort, Gaffin Employee Christopher Irvin and another contractor, Antonio Navarrete were killed. Armando J. Perez, Frank Lee Jones, and Gary Marine Junior were rushed to Tampa General hospital with severe burns. 

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Frank Lee Jones is Gary Marine Junior’s step-father. 

“I cry everyday, but at the end of the day I have to be strong. I really do,” Tracy Jones said.

Tracy Jones said it is difficult to see her husband and son in the hospital. She did not go into details about their recovery, only saying it will be difficult.

“It’s going to be tough. It’s going to be a long, long, long road,” Tracy Jones said.

Frank Lee Jones and Gary Marine Junior both work for Gaffin Industrial Services. 

“God…..I don’t think people even begin to understand what I go through,” Tracy Jones said. 

Tracy Jones said she turns to Mark Gaffin for strength. Gaffin is the president of Gaffin Industrial Services.

“When I’m feeling doubt I call Mark. Mark prays with me. Mark makes sure I’m okay and I think he sort of understands. This is not easy. It’s a tragedy,” Tracy Jones said.

Thursday night, the community showed their support for the families of the Gaffin employees: Christopher Irvin, Frank Lee Jones, and Gary Marine Junior. A fundraiser was held at Alpha Pizza, Pasta, & Prime in Apollo Beach.

Tracy Jones attended the event, but she is focused on the two men she calls her rock --- her husband and son.

“My husband and my son is what I fight for -not one day- (but) every day,” Tracy Jones said.

Jones said she is thinking about the other families, who lost loved ones.

“I feel sorry for the people that lost their loves ones,” Tracy Jones said.

OSHA is investigating the incident at the TECO power plant.