Tattoos help Pasco deputies arrest white supremacist

Man known as Bazooka Ricky
Posted at 1:25 PM, Jun 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-26 17:00:13-04

A man sought by Pasco County Sheriff's deputies and known as Bazooka Ricky was off the streets Saturday, officials said.

K9 Eragon led deputies right to Richard Edward Vidal, 30, who was was wanted on an active warrant for FTA trespassing and a felony fleeing to elude.

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office chased him into a shed Friday night. Thanks to Ergaon, deputies found him hiding in a corner.

Along with charges of fleeing to elude and trespassing, investigators say Vidal is a documented member of the Aryan Brotherhood.

Detective Monte Schuler keeps tabs on several different white supremacist groups. Including the Aryan Brotherhood, Aryan Nation, and a large prison based gang called The Unforgiven.

“They are here, they are very much in Pasco County. A lot of them share the same ideologies, the same beliefs. They vary a little bit here and there, but mostly all the same.”

The Anti Defamation league says there are hate groups all around Florida, and along with spreading extreme views, many of them are involved in crime.

Last year, another member of the Aryan Brotherhood had a dangerous standoff with police in Pasco County.

Michael Putnam was wanted for attempted murder and barricaded himself inside a New Port Richey motel, until tear gas finally forced him out. Aryan Brotherhood member Michael Wilson is in Federal Prison on gun charges. And Neo-Nazi John Ditullio is servicing a life sentence for murdering a teenager in Moon Lake back in 2006.

Many of these white supremacist sport tattoos showing their allegiance.

In Vidal’s case, he’s covered in them, including a swastika, the number 14 which is a reference to a white supremacist slogan. And the number 88, which is a code for Heil Hitler.

Those tattoos made it easy for a deputy to spot him driving Friday night and after a dangerous chase through a neighborhood, Vidal is back in jail.