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Palm Harbor kids raise money by doing random acts of kindness

Posted at 3:24 PM, Oct 07, 2021

If you have school-aged kids at home or in your neighborhood, you know this is the time of year for fundraisers.

You've probably already bought candles or wrapping paper or coupon books by now, but there's a school in Palm Harbor that's raising money by passing on something really special to people in the community.

The kids from the Robin's Nest School are the latest addition to Deiah's Brag Book.

The teachers at Robin's Nest came up with an idea to join a new fundraising movement that's helping schools and providing the community with a priceless commodity.

They got sponsors to support their kids doing random acts of kindness.

"We had children, baked goods, goodies for the firefighters we've had, we've had parents in classes get together, we had a parent in one of the classes who's a part of the Coast Guard, so they all work together and did something for the Coast Guard. I think the parents loved it. And I think the children loved it," Anne Martinelli said.

They went all out: June delivered pictures to her neighbors, Tinsley made cookies and donated to her local animal shelter, Hannah and Eli made cookies and did chores around the house, Emmie painted rocks to spread around and donated items to Paul's project: a local nonprofit. These kids learned that kindness pays...literally!

Through over 200 acts of kindness, the kids made $10,831.

"The fundraiser and ended yesterday, but I hope the acts of kindness will continue on,"Martinelli said. "I hope that it started something with the kids and that they'll continue this on beyond the fundraiser. We're still getting pictures."