Local non-profit, Troop Rewards, benefits from Tampa Bay's Dancing with the Stars

TBDWTS raises money for Tampa Bay area non-profits
Posted at 4:49 AM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 06:12:16-04

On Saturday, Tampa Bay's Dancing with the Stars will raise money for several local non-profits. One of the organizations benefiting is Troop Rewards.

Troop Rewards provides servicemen and servicewomen with an R&R vacation with their families once they return from deployment. These vacation spots range from Clearwater to Key West. 

"When they come back home, we send them on an all expense paid vacation to help them reconnect with their family members and show them how much we appreciate the sacrifice they made for serving our country," said Tom Burkett, the founder of Troop Rewards.

Not only does this vacation time help to reconnect the family that has been separated for so long, but Burkett also hopes this will help service members readjust to civilian life back at home.

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Troop Rewards has served more than 500 families, including the Brady family. Mindy and Seth Brady have four children and Seth has been deployed several times. They recently had the opportunity to go on a trip thanks to Troop Rewards and said it was an experience their family will never forget.

"You miss a lot of birthdays and a lot of holidays and sometimes things can get tough. Getting a week of no real life and just enjoying the vacation - you can't describe it. It is memories we will have forever," said Mindy Brady.

To donate to Troop Rewards and the other benefiting non-profit organizations, vote for your favorite Tampa Bay's Dancing with the Star dancer here. Each vote is $1. Tampa Bay's Dancing with the Stars happens Saturday, October 6 at the TPepin Hospitality Centre.