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Former guardian allegedly stole guns, forged appraisal

16-felony count criminal complaint filed
Posted at 6:05 PM, Jun 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-30 19:18:28-04

LARGO, FL — There are more legal troubles for former professional guardian Traci Hudson, who was first arrested in 2019 for allegedly exploiting a 92-year-old man under her care.

Sixteen new felony counts were filed against Hudson Wednesday, involving different victims who prosecutors say she exploited while working as their guardian or power of attorney.

Those charges include exploitation of an elderly person, grand theft and perjury.

The majority of the charges stem from the guardianship case of Robert Moore, who a judge appointed Hudson to care for in 2016.

Robert's son Ryan Moore, who lives in Hawaii, says Hudson was appointed to care for his dad after another family member reported he was being exploited by people who moved into his home.


"She wasn't honest about anything whatsoever. Everything she said was a lie," Ryan Moore said about Hudson.

Prosecutor: 10 guns stolen, seven still unaccounted for

The state's attorney's office says Hudson removed 10 guns that were stored at Moore's home.

Investigators say Hudson pawned or sold three guns at pawn shops and sold others to individuals.

"You have seven firearms that are unaccounted for," Prosecutor Renee Bauer said at her court hearing Wednesday.

"I asked her about the guns and she said all the guns had been stolen except for one and it was in a police evidence room somewhere," Ryan Moore said.

Prosecutors say the guns and tools valued at more than $8,000 were appraised by a professional appraiser but were not included in documents Hudson presented to a judge.

"The defendant did a cut-and-paste job. She forged and altered that appraisal," Bauer said.

Investigators say Hudson also financially exploited Moore.

Criminal information charging document filed against former professional guardian Traci Hudson

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Old boots, thrift store clothes

Despite receiving $7,200 in monthly income, Ryan Moore says that while under Hudson's care, his dad had no belt, was dressed in thrift store clothes, and had only one pair of worn-out boots.

Ryan said on one visit, the retired military veteran had two coat hangers wrapped around his waist to hold his pants on.

"He had a pair of boots with the soles completely ripped off except for about an inch of the soles on the back of them," Ryan said.

Robert Moore's boot while under Hudson's care

Hudson is still awaiting trial on felony charges filed in 2019 when she was accused of stealing more than half a million dollars from another elderly man under her care. Investigators say she used that money to buy a 4,000 square-foot home, jewelry and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tickets.

“This is not her, what we heard in there today”

Hudson's attorney believes prosecutors have it all wrong.

"Traci Hudson is a good person. Family person. She takes care of her father, takes care of her daughter, takes care of her grandchild. This is not her, what we heard in there today. And I'm gonna show that to you," said Richard McKyton, Hudson's attorney.

Ryan Moore says Hudson limited his family's ability to see his dad during his three-year guardianship.

Family members were eventually appointed to care for him after Hudson's arrest, but he died a short time later.

"She totally destroyed my family. And that's what I'd tell her, 'hey you destroyed my family. I hope you sleep well at night, knowing you did that,'" Ryan Moore said.

Currently, Hudson's bond is set at $190,000 on the new charges.

Her attorney has asked for that amount to be reduced. A bond hearing is scheduled for Friday morning.

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