New: Video of Pinellas bus driver accused of driving school bus while on drugs

7 Children on board bus
Posted at 6:31 PM, Jan 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-04 18:31:51-05

The I-team got dashcam video of a bus driver accused of driving a school bus while on drugs. FHP Troopers arrested her in Pinellas County.

"Now I'm gonna be on the freakin news." says Dorothy Burse while sitting in the back of a Florida Highway Patrol car.

The Pinellas School bus driver has been charged with driving under the influence and child neglect.

"I should've just taken the day off," she says on video while being handcuffed.

56-year-old Burse was driving a bus with 7 children on board when another driver hit her bus and took off. But when troopers began investigating they noticed Burse was staggering, she had slurred speech, and her pupils showed signs of being impaired.

The trooper tells her he believes she has been driving under the influence of narcotics. Burse denies the claims and says she's only taken antibiotics and vitamins. She also says she's missing lower teeth. The trooper issued a field sobriety test.

"If I fall over it don't mean nothing. (Laughs)" Burse says to t he trooper.

She appears to stumble a few times while walking the line. When asked to hold one foot up and count she loses her balance.

"You did not do well at all on those." the trooper tells her.

The trooper tells her she's under arrest and handcuffs her.

Her husband tells us she doesn't do drugs and this is a misunderstanding.

Pinellas school officials tell us she's never been in trouble before and they are investigating.

Luckily all 7 kids on the bus were not hurt and are ok.