I-TEAM: POK Airport has history of fatal crashes

Posted at 7:17 PM, Mar 18, 2016
Today's plane crash is just the latest at this very same spot.

Peter O. Knight airport has been the scene of several other deaths.

In one case, a plane even flew into a home.

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Since the mid 1970's, at least 18 other crashes at the airport have been investigated by the FAA, and there have been several near misses.

The Peter O. Knight Airport has a runway about half the size of the average airport runway and sits directly on Tampa Bay.

Visibility problems were to blame in 1975, when professional wrestler Buddy Colt crashed a single engine plane 200 yards short of the runway while returning from a show.

He and two other pro-wrestlers survived, but a third passenger died.

Between 1999 and 2006 seven other people died in crashes at the airport, all in single or twin engine planes.

In 2006, a plane made an emergency landing at the airport, skidded off the runway and struck the home of Tommy and Cynthia Tate, which was destroyed.

The pilot was killed and the co-pilot was seriously injured.

Because the Tates didn't have insurance, they were selected to have their home rebuilt by ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Addition.

That home was sold last year.

In 2008, miraculously nobody died, when a single engine plane struck a 50 foot sailboat mast and hit the seawall before the runway.

And in 2012, another near miss, when a Boeing C-17 military transport plane accidentally landed at Peter O. Knight Airport, after the pilot mistook the small airport for nearby McDill Air Force Base.