Health Department report describes what patients went through during liposuctions by fake doctors

Posted at 12:34 AM, Aug 08, 2017

The Florida Department of Health has released their investigative report looking into Orozco Medical Center.

"If the allegations contained in this complaint are true, this is heinous," Dr. Jay Wolfson, Professor of Public Health, Medicine, and Pharmacy said.

Last week ABC Action News reported that authorities said Claudia Orozco and Marlon Barcelo performed liposuctions without a license and left some patients permanently disfigured.

A new report states one patient told investigators Orozco did not wear surgical gloves and offered her tea to help control her pain. Several other patients stated they received medicine in a plastic bag before their surgeries.

"This is dangerous stuff that we all should be concerned about. It should be reported, and if it’s true, after thorough investigations, then these people should not only be shut down, they should be fined, and perhaps imprisioned," Dr. Wolfson said.

Dr. Wolfson reviewed the Department of Health's report, Monday night. He wants patients to come forward. Authorities believe there are more victim's.

"I think anybody who knows about this, who has been a patient or who knows who has been a patient, should be encouraged to go to the state attorney , to the sheriff, to the board of medicine, and to the press," Dr. Wolfson said.

According to the documents, some patients said Orozco sent text messages, telling them if someone called them to say another doctor performed their liposuction and fat transfer.

"According to the allegations in the complaint, there was never a physician present, during the procedure," Dr. Wolfson said.

Dr. Wolfson said patients should never be afraid to ask doctors questions and they should do their research.

"If you're going to have somebody cut into your body, especially for cosmetic purposes, where you want to look and feel better, make sure that you do your homework," Dr. Wolfson said.

Orozco is charged with practicing medicine without a license, aggravated battery with great bodily harm and organized fraud less than 20,000. Barcelo is charged with practicing medicine without a license and aggravated battery with great bodily harm. 


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