Good Samaritans help stranded drivers from street flooding

Flooding caused by strong evening storms
Posted at 11:13 PM, Jul 10, 2017

Evening storms caused major headaches for people, traveling throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Many people's cars were stranded because some roads were impassible.

Monday evening, there were more than a handful of cars stuck near the intersection of N 30th Street and East Bougainvillea Avenue, which is not far from Busch Gardens.

"It reminded me (of) 3 years ago. I got stuck out here," Dan David said.

David called up his buddy and they drove by that intersection on purpose because David had a gut feeling it was going to be underwater.

David and Boyce Turner were right and had to push people to drier areas. They said they did not mind helping those stuck and they hope those people will pay it forward to others.

"I hope when they go home, they pass it on (and) they tell their friends and the next time they see something, they'll do something too," David said.

According to Tampa Fire Rescue, they responded to 11 cars being stuck because of flooding at this specific intersection alone.