Local father stranded in Puerto Rico reunited with his family after two hurricanes

Drank rain water to survive after Hurricane Maria
Posted at 5:29 PM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 17:29:57-04

Juan Feliciano, a U.S. Veteran who lives in St. Petersburg, finally made it home over the weekend, after getting caught between two hurricanes in Puerto Rico.

When his daughters, Yami Feliciano and Yanelis Sierra, reached out to ABC Action News last month about their father's flight, they were worried if their dad would make it out alive.

"Chaos total chaos um I don't know if he can handle that...don't know if he can handle it, " said Yami Feliciano.

"A day feels like 10 days, 4 days feels like forever," said sister Yanelis Sierra.

The disabled US Army Veteran, who lives in St. Petersburg, got stranded on the island after he went there to check on his property following Hurricane Irma. And then Maria hit.Caught between two storms. Trapped in a dark, powerless home, and forced to drink rain water to survive.

"It's difficult being here and you have this sense of guilt laying on your bed knowing you have food while your family, friends and  3.4 million people are without shelter, " said daughter Yanelis.

After days of phone calls and emails and canceled flights, finally a breakthrough and a boarding pass for a JetBlue Flight back home.