Torrential Rain Slams St. Augustine, Some Ignoring Evacuation Order

St. Augustine Neighbors Ignore Evacuation Order
Posted at 6:31 PM, Oct 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 18:31:25-04

The eye of Hurricane Matthew dangerously skirting near the St. Augustine coast, dumping rain by the gallons onto the coastline. Despite these dangerous conditions, some folks still refusing to leave. 

Joe Tringali spent the night looking over his 25-year-old store. At his side, his trusted four-legged companion, Sherman. As he kept watch, other St. Augustine families packed up and left town. Joe ignored St. Augustine's mandatory evacuation.

"It's such a ghost town. I'm amazed at how police came by and told me if I was going to leave, I needed to leave right now," he said.

Despite being warned this hurricane could kill, Joe says he's waiting it out until the last moment. The rain and wind a priority behind his business.

"I'm concerned we're going to flood pretty well inside this store," he adds.

However, during the interview the water flooded the street in front of his store. Joe said he knew the moment had come. He took Sherman and headed South.

Just down the street, we found two men walking through the rain. Hard to miss since they were wearing beach shorts in the middle of a category 3 hurricane. They say, they're not leaving.

"I'm just watching the house," said Aaron Caruso,"People go out and loot in these situations."

They don't fear for their safety but are watching Matthew's track with a close eye.

"If it gets nasty, I'm sure we'll take off but it's going to have to get a lot worse than this," said Caruso.

For now, they plan to dry off inside and stick this hurricane out.