Youth soccer club's storage shed destroyed

Posted at 10:54 PM, May 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-01 02:46:12-04
A soccer club lost their storage shed with their soccer equipment on Memorial Day after it is believed to have been set on fire.
“It’s just….it looks terrible,” 11-year-old Joseph Elliott said.
The Florida Soccer Club Temple Terrace Soccer Association estimates they lost about $8,000 in soccer equipment, including the storage shed. The fire happened around 1 a.m. Monday. 
"I wouldn't think anyone would go and vandalize something like this. This is for kids to go and play soccer. I don't see why anyone would stop that opportunity,” 11-year-old Dylan McArdle said.
On Tuesday, one day after the fire, the club held their soccer tryouts despite the major setback. Coaches were told to bring whatever they needed to make it work until they can replace what they have lost, which includes soccer balls, cones, and soccer nets for their goals.
"I've been inundated with emails today with ideas (about) fundraisers and sponsorships and a GoFundMe account,” said Coach Brian Dozark, board vice president of the club.
Dozark said they were told someone may have set the shed on fire.
"There's just no reason for anybody to do that. None,” Coach Dozark said.
There are about 500 kids who are members of the club. Even the kids want to know why someone would ruin their soccer gear.
"I was just devastated because - as I said - I love soccer so I just felt like a crack in my heart there,” McArdle said.
The club plans to stretch their funds as much as possible to get by and they think they will be OK. Hillsborough County Fire Rescue is investigating.
"I wondered who actually was responsible for this,” 10-year-old Jackson Smith said.