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Walking Club: The Great Tarpon Springs Pumpkin Hunt

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Posted at 11:42 AM, Oct 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-09 10:28:35-04

Many of us are looking for ways to be active while also staying socially distanced from others. That’s why Sarah Phinneyis started a ‘Walking Club’ to highlight some hidden, and some not so hidden, trails across Tampa Bay that are great places for you and your family to check out.

Take a trip to Tarpon Springs this weekend to try out The Great Tarpon Springs Pumpkin Hunt! A series of clues leads you and your family around downtown in search of paper pumpkins. It’s the first year for the event and a ton of fun for all ages!

How does it work?

First, pick up a clue sheet from the Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerceor download it here.

“You have to solve the clues first and then go out to the local businesses to find the pumpkins that are inside or outside of the business,” said Ashley Harter, Tarpon Springs Recreation Special Event and Volunteer Coordinator.

Pumpkin Hunt Final Clue Sheet by ABC Action News on Scribd

Each paper pumpkin has a number on it. When you find it, write down the number next to the corresponding clue. Some may be a little difficult, but Harter says all of the clues are solvable!

If you’re not sure where to start, just head downtown! You’ll find a few pumpkins pretty quickly.

“Come on down! That’s gonna be the best advice. Walk downtown, go into businesses,” said Harter. “Once you get into the businesses, you’ll notice that they have clues there, but you’ll have to figure out which clue matches that business.”

Keep in mind, there are 34 places to go so you might not be able to wrap it up in a single afternoon. All of the paper pumpkins can be found in the downtown corridor, but some may require more walking than others. None are located at the Sponge Docks.

“With everything going on and all the in-person events being cancelled, we tried to figure out a socially distant, family-friendly hunt that will take you do stuff that you might not have done, to explore businesses that you might not have been to,” said Harter.

Drop off your completed sheets at the Tarpon Springs Community Centeror you can email for a chance to win prizes donated by participating businesses.

When should I go?

Soon! The Great Tarpon Springs Pumpkin Hunt started on October 1 and runs through October 18.

Remember, you’ll want to aim to visit when most businesses are open because some of the pumpkins are located inside.

Let Sarah know if you try out The Great Tarpon Springs Pumpkin Hunt this weekend. If have an idea for a trail that she should feature, you can find her on Facebook, Instagramor Twitter.