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Tampa Police writes dozens speeding tickets, warnings along Bayshore Boulevard

Posted at 4:14 PM, Nov 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-20 18:03:47-05

TAMPA, Fla. — ABC Action News caught a few drivers speeding through Bayshore Boulevard blinking crosswalks.

Those lights have been working since October 24. The lights were blinking and someone could have been crossing.

"Every so often you get a couple of people who still blow past it,” said bicyclist Matthew Etheridge. "Yeah, a lot of people still speed. Maybe not as fast anymore but they do go over the limit.”

Even one careless car is too many.

For an Ohio mom and her child crossing Bayshore, it meant their lives. A driver hit and killed them back in May.

Toddler, mother killed after being hit by alleged street racers on Bayshore Boulevard

Five Tampa Police operations to catch speeders and give warnings have netted dozens since the crosswalks went in.

On October 24, 17 warnings and 10 citations were issued. On October 27, 12 warnings and 10 citations were issued. On October 31, 25 warnings and 10 citations were issued. On November 12, 26 citations and 2 citations were issued, and November 16, 24 warnings and zero citations.

"You just feel safer. Takes a little getting used to it. It's like, before you used to kind of like run,” said Mack Carneal.

Folks like Carneal think Bayshore drivers are catching on and slowing down. And our radar gun agreed.

At least this afternoon, most people we clocked were driving the speed limit or under.

"The big difference is that when you are crossing when you're walking, is that you feel like you have more time,” said Carneal.

Police want you to know it’s not just drivers they're stopping. officers are also warning bicyclists and pedestrians who make risky crossings.

"It's definitely a big deal. You're putting other people's lives at risk,” said Etheridge.