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Pasco pothole problem perplexes residents

Posted at 5:03 PM, Feb 18, 2019

HOLIDAY, Fla. — Barbara Parks deals with potholes every day up and down Sunray Drive in Holiday.

“It’s very bumpy, “and it feels like it’s damaging my car every time I drive over it. So a lot of times I’ll drive toward the middle of the road to try and avoid them, which isn’t very safe,” she said.

Some have been patched, but those patches don’t seem to last.

“I think it’s because the road keeps flooding and it keeps re-damaging the road,” she said.

Pasco County officials say they’ve been working on Sunray Drive, even patching some potholes just last week.

And they say part of Sunray Drive is already on its list for repaving sometime this year.

Repaving the rest of the road would require an assessment that residents would get the chance to vote on.

Those can be a touchy issue if some people don’t want or can’t afford the costs.

In the meantime Barbara says the rough road is costing her money.

“I’ve repeatedly had to go get my car realigned,” said Parks.

People can use the “My Pasco” app to report potholes anywhere in the county.

You can even snap a picture of the pothole to send with it.